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Jeff Sessions' New Chief Of Staff: Mueller's Russia Probe Could Be A 'Witch Hunt'

WASHINGTON ― Attorney General Jeff Sessions has appointed as his chief of staff a former federal prosecutor who has written that the special counsel investigation into the Trump administration could be turning into a “witch hunt.” Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Attack On North Korea Could Spare Allies, Secretary Mattis Says. Analysts Aren't So Sure.

Days after President Donald Trump referred to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as “rocket man” and members of his administration made it clear military options against Pyongyang remained on the table, Defense Secretary James Mattis sought to calm growing fears of American intervention on the Korean Peninsula by arguing that the United States had […]

What Money For Trump’s Border Wall Could Buy In Disaster Relief Funding

After Hurricane Harvey made landfall Friday night, President Donald Trump let loose a series of tweets. Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Could Trump's Comments Lead To a GOP Presidential Primary?

Trump's media availability drew intense criticism from the right. Former GOP Rep. David Jolly says today may be the start of a primary movement to replace Trump. He joins O'Donnell and Jarvis DeBerry to discuss Trump's long pattern of bigoted behavior. Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Could Your Air Conditioner Be Making You Sick?

On a scorching summer day, air conditioners do more than help you stay comfortable indoors. They help protect against such serious maladies as heatstroke and filter out some pollutants and allerg… Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Lifestyle Changes Could Cut Dementia Cases, New Study Says

More than a third of dementia cases could be prevented with lifestyle changes such as controlling high blood pressure and getting more exercise, according to a major report published Thursday in … Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Could That Old Mole Be Skin Cancer?

If you take a good look at your skin, you'll probably spot a number of moles—small clusters of pigment-producing skin cells. Most adults have between 10 and 40 moles, and some people, especially … Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Chelsea Manning wishes she could say 'Thanks, Obama'

Obama granted Manning clemency in the final days of his presidency, commuting her sentence after seven years served. Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Could My Dog Suffer from Social Anxiety?

Veterinarian Courtney Campbell joins The Doctors to take a question from show producer Keegan. “Anxious is an understatement!” comments Urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman, who has met Keegan’s dog, Cash. “With Cash’s situation, he’s saying to himself, ‘I’m really scared, I’m really anxious’,” explains Dr. Campbell. Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

How You'll Be Affected by the GOP Health Plan Could Depend on Where You Live

Consumer Reports has no relationship with any advertisers on this website. The American Health Care Act, passed by the House on Thursday to cheers from Republican members, would give states wide … Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

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