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Al Franken announces intention to resign from Senate over sexual misconduct allegations

Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., announced his plans to resign following a series of allegations from women accusing him of sexual harassment and misconduct. Franken said that while he believes an ethics committee investigation would find him innocent, he didn’t feel he could continue to serve and would be stepping down in the coming weeks. “This […]

White House excludes April Ryan from Christmas party

The White House reportedly failed to invite one prominent journalist of color to this year's Christmas party, and it's the first time she's been excluded from the event in 20 years. Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

In White House, Flynn Pitched Nuclear Plan From Company He'd Advised: Reports

Earlier this year, House Democrats accused retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn of secretly lobbying for a huge Middle East nuclear power deal while serving as President Donald Trump’s national security adviser. Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Lisa Bloom Calls On John Conyers To Release Accuser From Confidentiality Agreement

High-profile attorney Lisa Bloom announced Sunday that she’s representing a woman who filed a sexual harassment complaint against Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) in 2014. Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Military Staff Removed From White House After 'Incident' On Trump's Asia Trip: Report

Three members of a White House team staffed by military personnel have been removed from their positions after being accused of improper contact with foreign women during President Donald Trump’s recent trip through Asia, The Washington Post reported Tuesday. Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Top General Says He Would Reject An 'Illegal' Nuclear Strike Order From Trump

The top nuclear commander in the U.S. said Saturday that he would reject an “illegal” nuclear attack order from President Donald Trump, and would instead steer the commander in chief to other “options.” Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

The FAA Can't Stop People From Throwing Live Turkeys Out Of Planes

The Federal Aviation Administration has found no violations with an infamous Arkansas event that involves dropping live turkeys from a plane ― but that may be because no one ever thought they’d need a rule about that. Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Body-Cam Footage From Salt Lake City Police Shooting Continues To Raise Questions

Salt Lake City police body-cam captured white officers shooting a black man who they say threatened them, but evidence of this remains unclear in footage of Patrick Harmon running away. Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Las Vegas shooting victim died on his 23rd anniversary shielding wife from gunfire

As the United States continues to heal from the worst mass shooting in its history, more tragic stories are coming to light surrounding the 58 victims who lost their lives in Las Vegas on Sunday night. Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Gunman’s Girlfriend Arrives to U.S. from Philippines

Under police escort, Marilou Danley arrived late last night in Los Angeles from a family visit in the Philippines and was questioned for hours today at the FBI's Los Angeles office. Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

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